The Yates Network is focused on “moving the needle” for our clients.

We apply a broad bandwidth of biotech communications experience to develop each client’s core communications strategy and messaging and then execute on key tactics. Our focused expertise encompasses integrated communications programs; strategic messaging, positioning, and branding; media outreach and visibility-building; and creative, including graphic and web design.

We believe in “aiming” before we “fire.” Our strategic messaging and positioning is the source that drives creative ideas and high-impact communications. We build compelling company stories through the lens of the outside world and develop plans for optimal and targeted audience visibility. We develop tagphrases and names that aren’t simply good creative ideas, but representations of a strong positioning and a way to bring a company’s brand image to life.


  • Corporate Positioning
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Naming of Companies and Technology Platforms
  • Defining Therapeutic Space
  • Tagphrase Development

PR Planning/Media Strategy

Media relations is a hallmark of our client programs. We identify the sweet spot between your company messages and media-desired news hooks and trends. We build media strategy based on a wealth of PR know-how in framing stories for maximum media impact.

Investor Relations Strategy

We build messaging and programs that resonate with investors and leverage the Street to increase your overall corporate visibility.

Publication/Conference Planning

We explore opportunities to gain visibility for your company in medical/scientific forums.

We’re an experienced and tenacious media team with deep knowledge of reporters/editors in the biotechnology ecosystem.


  • Press Releases
  • Key Messages
  • Q&A Preparation
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Media Outreach

Other External Audience Programs:

  • Corporate Visibility-Building Events
  • Social Media

We believe in leveraging strong content with creative impact to ensure a company’s technology and products are differentiated and clearly understood. We create print materials and websites that tell your story when you can’t be there to tell it yourself. Our creative outputs are built on strong positioning that tells a story clearly and succinctly, and designed for high impact and to ensure that all audiences can find what they need and see clearly differentiated value.


  • Infographics / Scientific Visuals
  • Web Design & Development
  • Print Design & Development
  • Powerpoint Presentations